If I’m a disabled customer looking for an accessible hotel room what do I want and expect from my Hotelier?

Accessibility- it’s not all about ramps
I want to be able to browse your Rooms’, see accurate information, compare accessible rooms, check options and view a final total price. I want an accessible room that is actually accessible to modern standards and has been independently verified and not just your own opinion that it is accessible (and saying ..’oh we have a ramp’ is not being accessible)
I want to be able to do this sat at home on my sofa. Pictures are a must with sizes and dimensions, video walk-around even better.
It would be really great if I could click through to independent reviews and perhaps live chat with a travel expert to confirm something. And please do warn me of accessible rooms that you don’t actually have available. Maybe you’ll need to ask me for some basic contact information, but if it’s contextual, such as to send a brochure or directions, no problem. If I want to go think about it, that’s ok. Make sure you know why I’m hesitant but if I do want to go, lay out how I would need to proceed (remember make it easy for me). Then follow up with me – I’m looking for a fine balance between ignoring and harassment. Anything I still need to know? What concerns do I have? Remind me of the benefits. You may have already captured my communication preferences, if those are over the phone, email or SMS. If I do decide to go ahead, again make it easy for me. I want to pay by card online without me visiting the hotel – this is 2019 after all and cash / cheques are not practical maybe I want to pay the whole balance by debit card – I don’t have the time or inclination to go to the bank. But I need to have confirmation that it is booked and ‘mine’. I can then plan around this confirmation. If I see the room I want, and it is available for my dates at a price I agree to and I book it. I expect that room to be saved and allocated to me, not an alternative or something similar. I have to plan everything around this booking, transport, connections and transfers. So, I expect and want plenty of warning if that room becomes unavailable (due to unforeseen circumstances). I want links to alternative rooms and all the details/information for that room, with an option to cancel without charges. I would like to receive directions and opening hours for your location straight to my phone that also gives me the most suitable route according to my abilities, that might be ‘step free’ for example. Top marks would be given to the Hotelier that asks me if I want to be met by a person capable of assisting me (fully trained in disability awareness and etiquette), please though, be ready for my arrival. Once face to face, I would like to access my room asap, so please make it easy for me. Don’t ask me for information that I have already given. Tell me that you already have them. Show me the room, be able to answer my questions and demonstrate the features, aides and equipment present, some items that maybe I didn’t know of, then allow me to test them Remember that as a disabled person I am like everyone else I spend money, I buy things, I eat and drink, sometimes I often pay a little more for extra services such as taxi and travel – but I budget for that, and I am part of the fastest growth sector in travel and hotel business – ‘Accessible Tourism’ and the combined spending power of me (meaning disabled people not just me personally) and my family/friends is over a Trillion dollar