This picture is the front cover for Directives and guidelines for inclusive education

Directives and Guidelines for Inclusive Education

What is “Directives and Guidelines for Inclusive Education”?

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) document that identifies legally mandated responsibilities of schools and their staff to ensure the rights of students of determination to access equitable education in Dubai’s private school sector

“The mandate of the school leadership team is to create, promote and sustain robust inclusive settings that respect diversity, support a sense of belonging and ensure that every student receives a quality education in Dubai private schools; a commitment to identifying, reducing and removing barriers to student learning and success lies at the heart of this process. Inclusive schools help build an inclusive society, and meeting the needs of students of determination within our schools is a critically important part of this process.”

Directives and Guidelines for Inclusive Education

Since the release of the education inclusive framework 2017, we have been preparing to provide comprehensive support services for the education sector.

We have expanded our expert team and compiled bespoke training for school governing bodies. teachers and other support staff.

We have also developed our auditing systems and included the best of global inclusive schools solutions. Our experts have many years of experience working in the education environment and conducted hundreds of audits for schools, universities and youth/paly centres around the world.

Now the new directive has landed, we have had many inquiries on calls for help on ways to comply with the new directives. If you want to know more or need help please contact us

More information about the Directives and Guidelines for Inclusive Education on the KHDA website.