Additional Services

Business Advice

We offer fully comprehensive business consultancy services.

We know that the public and private sector want to include people of determination in the services that they provide and the work that they do.

Doing this successfully necessitates attention to detail and in depth knowledge.

It is important to look at every business aspect from policies and practices, to recruitment, to the environment and to awareness. 

It is very easy to spend time and money on the least useful changes.  

Our team of experts has significant experience both locally and abroad and we can provide advice and guidance for any need in order to achieve full integration successfully and economically.

Employment & Recruitment

Attract, retain and develop a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the communities you serve. 

People of Determination have the desire and right to work, it is our responsibility to identify the barriers that exist for them in the workplace, and make the simple adjustments to overcome them.

Don’t make uneccessary and expensive mistakes through lack of guidance.

Our employment experts will work with you to create recruitment, development and retention practices that work for you and your business.  

Community outreach

2020 saw the launch of our “Listen to Our Voices” project. This project gathers real voices, ensuring that we remain up to date with the needs and aspirations of people of determination and their families in the UAE.

We run focus groups on a regular basis, providing the opportunity for small group conversations on specific topics.

Please contact our community outreach consultant Kim Smith at to ensure your voice is also heard.