One Vision

Providing all services to support the inclusion of people of determination into society

The World

“to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by all persons with disabilities, and to promote respect for their inherent dignity”

UNCRPD United Nations Convention on the Rights for People with Disabilities Article 1.


“an inclusive community, free from barriers that guarantees the empowerment and well-being of People of Determination”

National Policy for empowering the People of Determination in the UAE

People of Determination Services

“Working to support the world and UAE visions for inclusion by providing services that have been developed by International and local experts across all sectors”

People of Determination Services, UAE

About us

Dubai Police Academy set up the ‘Towards a Better Society’ project in partnership with local and international expertise in 2016, initially focusing on awareness training.

As a result of our work with many government bodies and the private sector, the project has expanded to include the provision of access auditing, recruitment and employment, equipment and consultancy. 

Passionate about providing cost effective, practical and professional solutions to all sectors, our work is available in Arabic and English and is locally relevant and appropriate.


Awareness training is by far the fastest route to impacting the experience that People of Determination have in your business and in society

We have a wide range of training courses and levels that are customised to different business sectors whilst retaining key content.

Courses and materials are available in English and Arabic.

For large organisations with existing training departments we can also offer train the trainer courses for the basic awareness level.


We deliver a full Access Auditing Service to ensure that The Dubai Universal Design Code is adhered to and a barrier free environment is created for People of Determination.

Our unique software allows for close management of the accessible environment and enables extensive data collection and analysis of your property portfolio or even your city and country.

A barrier free environment  is beneficial for everybody, 


We offer expert advice through consultancy to provide solutions for all of your business needs around disability, including:

Strategy:  For full success to support and engage people of determination in your business, you need policy, practices and procedures, including ‘PEEP’s’ (personal emergency evacuation plan).

Recruitment & Employment:  Bring people of determination into your business, focusing upon the needs of all parties to ensure ongoing success.

Bespoke Projects: Our advice service can deliver against any of your specific needs


Our equipment, aids and products have been carefully chosen to provide a solution for people of determinations’ needs.

In addtion to product that support everyday life, we have a range of products to assist the evacuation of people of determination.

Where there is not a suitable product, we develop it.

We are proud to announce such an innovation with our product ‘KarryMii’, soon to be launched here in the UAE.

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