Professional, Interactive, Engaging and Practical

We deliver a range of training  courses  that are designed to create awareness and  understanding and inspire confidence in engaging with people of determination.  Our training is suitable for all sectors and business needs.  

We are constantly developing courses based on our customers requirements. 

Bringing this awareness to your staff transforms  the service level for People of Determination


Awareness – 4 hours, Maximum 25 people

Engage with people of determination with confidence.

An introduction to all groups of disability with an emphasis on practical demonstrations and understanding the UAE context.

Our Training

Created by International and national  experts
At our facilities at Dubai Police Academy or your location
Interactive, visual and practical

Always locally relevant and appropriate
Customised to your sector whilst retaining core content
City and Guilds approved
Unique pin and certificate


Advanced – 8 hours, Maximum 20 people

Engage with people of determination with confidence. 

An advanced course building on the awareness course with an in-depth exploration into models of disability, equality and interactions. Focusing on all groups of disability with an emphasis on practical demonstrations and understanding the UAE context.



Champion – 3 days Maximum, 15 people

In depth knowledge training provided in every aspect of disability in order to be able to champion people of determination in the work environment.

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer – 3 days Maximum, 20 people

For companies with large established training departments, we will train your trainers in the awareness course so that they can then deliver it in house



Specialist topics – 4 hours Maximum, 20 people

We are constantly expanding our courses to reflect what our clients are asking for.  a vast number of impairments are not immediately obvious and we reflect this in our latest courses:

Awareness of Hidden Disabilities (Medical and Mental)

Understand what hidden disabilities are and how to best support people with these impairments in order to achieve inclusion.

Neurodiversity with an emphasis on Autism.

Gain an insight into these impairments in order to make well informed decisions about your workplace and services in order to support inclusion. Please note that these courses can be tailored depending on the target audience.


For situations where it is difficult to release people into the classroom environment. 

Awareness for public transport providers including bus and taxi drivers

Awareness for cabin crew

Security gaurds trained
Hotel Staff
Train the Trainer
Locations around the UAE